New Album

Debut album of SAVT 'Birinci Hane' has just been released by A.K Muzik!

Recorded and mixed by Laçin Sahin
Recording assistants : Berk Falay, Oguz Öz
Recording studio : ITU MIAM Recording Studios
Mastering : Gökhan Deneç
Cover Design : Beste Türkön
Music Label : A.K. Müzik


New Album

Our new album Health To Your Hands is now available on bandcamp !


Recorded in September 2019 at St Pancrace Church in Dangolsheim, France over the course of a three-day residency curated by inventor and musician Léo Maurel, "Health To Your Hands" is Merve Salgar's and Ross Heselton's first collection of recordings as a an improvised and traditional music duo for tanbur, voices and guitar.

Drawing on their different influences and backgrounds to weave their repertoire, the album ties paths between the blues and the folk music and poetry of Ireland and Britain and those of the Ottoman Empire: here threading together the taksim of the tanbur with the cry of the bottleneck slide guitar, there drumming the words of Dylan Thomas to the rhythm of the tef, or yet making resonances between the the songs of Turkish troubadour Aşık Veysel and traditional Irish folk ballads.

Playing with an sensitivity to improvisation and a shared attention to silence and space, the instruments call, respond and entangle, disappearing into drones to make ground for one another, or singing in unison to become one.

Artwork by Léonie Risjeterre 



Two improvisations played and recorded separately without hearing to eachother and tracks are put together to be played at the same time without any editing.

Anil Eraslan- cello
Merve Salgar - tanbur