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Born in Istanbul in 1990. She started studying tanbur (Turkish long-necked lute) with Sadun Aksüt at the ITU Turkish Music State Conservatory in 2004. Between 2008 and 2011, she worked as a tanbur player at TRT (Turkish Radio and Television Company). In 2011, she moved to Strasbourg and is currently pursuing her doctorate in musicology at the University of Strasbourg. Besides playing traditional Turkish music, as an improviser, she is always looking for new sounds. In 2016, she created the improvised music band "Savt" with Zeynep Ayse Hatipoglu and Canfeza Gündüz. Their first album "Birinci Hane" was released by AK Müzik in Istanbul. In 2018, she began playing duo with singer-songwriter Zoe Heselton. They recorded the album "Health to Your Hands" and it was released by 'Soleils Bleus' label. In 2020, she was a solo performer for Marina Abramovic's exhibition "Akıs/Flux" at Sakip Sabanci Museum in Istanbul. She currently plays with ensembles such as Orpheus XXI (w/Jordi Savall), SAVT, Karmanota, Sousta Politiki, Incredible Mektoub Orchestra, Dreieck interferences, Imbroglio, and collaborates with musicians from the improvised and traditional music scene. She is also a professor at CFPM (Centre de Formation Professionnelle de la Musique) and CEDIM (Centre d'Enseignement et de Développement de l'Improvisation Musicale) in Strasbourg.

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